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Normal Vision

Vision with AMD



  1. Initially, a small hazy cloud appearing in the center field of vision.

  2. An enlargement in this cloud, which can become darker (ultimately a "black hole") and, in some cases, degrade the field of vision to a level of partial or even complete visual destruction.

  3. Having problems in low light levels, or needing significantly brighter light to do work.

  4. Printed words begin to look less crisp and appear blurry.

  5. Reading becomes more difficult.

  6. All fine close-up vision activities become difficult, such as needlepoint, reading, or computer-related work.

  7. Colors begin to appear faded or not as bright as before. In the most extreme cases, color vision can be lost. 

  8. In more extreme cases, difficulty with recognizing faces.

  9. Contrast sensitivity diminishes (meaning you can't distinguish visual depth as easily.)

  10. Vision distortion - the field of vision becomes wavy.

  11. An overall loss of brightness in vision. (Things appear darker.)

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