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Age-related Macular degeneration (AMD) is usually considered to be an older person's disease and often begins in an asymptomatic form sometime around the age 50. As you age, the chances of incurring AMD or beginning to see the visual symptoms, increase.  25% of those 65+ have AMD; and, by the time you are 75+ there is a 35% chance you will be affected. (There is also a rare juvenile form of AMD, called "Stargardt's Disease".) A number of factors have been found to be related to AMD, including:


  • AGE: As you age, the chance of developing AMD increases, as detailed above.

  • HEREDITY: If you have a family member with AMD, you are at a higher risk of developing the disease.

  • IRIS COLOR: People with light colored irises (like blue or green) are more likely to develop AMD.

  • ETHNICITY: Caucasians, especially with lighter colored eyes, are more at risk than darker toned individuals.

  • SMOKING: Smoking has a strong correlation with AMD.

  • DRINKING: Excessive Drinking has a correlation with AMD.

  • SUNLIGHT EXPOSURE: People who live in very sunny climates are at greater risk of getting AMD because of too much UV Light exposure.

  • CIRCULATORY DISEASE, ATHEROSCLEROSIS, & DIABETES: Individuals with circulatory conditions are at a higher risk for developing AMD.

Risk Factors for AMD
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