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i-Lumen Scientific is a retinal technology company, pioneering a new field in electrical medicine called, "Neuro-Retinal Therapy"TM.

The Company has developed patented technology, consisting of its proprietary medical device with algorithmic software, to improve vision in patients, afflicted with dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


*AMD is a debilitating eye disease affecting over 100 million people world-wide, including approximately 16 Million Europeans, and 10 Million Americans.  AMD is a leading cause of blindness, representing a $50+ billion global market. According to the Mayo Clinic's June, 2018 publication, "dry AMD is currently untreatable." ​


i-Lumen Scientific's mission is to develop innovative technologies, which are clinically proven to be safe and efficacious in improving vision in patients afflicted with dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).


                        Normal Vision

Vision with AMD           

Our Vision is to achieve global market leadership in dry AMD therapy treatment: (i) by providing the simplest, safest, and most consistently effective method of treating the degenerative symptoms of dry AMD to improve patient vision; ii) by conducting clinical studies which utilize the rigors of FDA and CE clinical reviews and approvals to maintain scientific and medical credibility at the highest levels; and (iii) by 

working with leading retinal and ophthalmic experts, who advise and guide to ensure we maintain the highest standards in scientific and medical credibility in all that we do. 

i-Lumen Scientific will advance this new technology into the international ophthalmic community, by training Ophthalmic Practices to conduct this therapy, to bring it within reach of the broader AMD patient population. In addition, i-Lumen Scientific will work with these Ophthalmic Practices and our key experts, as well as conduct further clinical trials to optimize administering this therapy across a wide range of the dry AMD patient base.

i-Lumen Scientific believes it has a noble purpose in its objective of helping to improve not only vision, but also quality of life, for those patients afflicted with dry AMD. Our parallel objective is to enable health systems around the world to reduce costs associated with treating this debilitating disease, and to minimize the medical costs of AMD on societies as a whole.

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