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Career Opportunities

i-Lumen Scientific believes in hiring great talent. Currently, the company does not have open job positions.


The people we hire at i-Lumen Scientific, have these important key factors in common:

  1. Results: An innate drive to produce results, and to move the company forward towards success.

  2. Achievement: An ethic of personal achievement.

  3. Self-Starters: People who are self-sufficient, go-getters, independently handling tasks on their own and recommending solutions.

  4. Experience:  We seek individuals with experience in the medical device field, who have strong expertise in their fields.

  5. Multi-tasking: An enjoyment in handling issues beyond the basic job description.

  6. Loyalty: A strong sense of loyalty to the company, its mission, and its success, as well as to all others on the team.

  7. Dependable: Highly dependable and consistently counted upon to deliver upon assignments.

  8. Collaborative: Works well with the core team. Someone we enjoy working with.

  9. Leadership: Takes personal responsibility for their business and leads others to get superior results.

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